Bonanza Healthcare introduces its Digital Health Vault, digitalized health reports

The platform at Bonanza Healthcare specializes in digitization of medical records and provide complete automation services for patient records management. Our DHR services are readily available to Patients, Health Professionals and Hospitals.  The health management service enables safely storing, viewing and sharing your health related records and information online. With the focused access to personal dash board users also have the option of filling in their health profile with the 1 GB of free cloud space to manage the reports which are then easily shareable with any health care providers either through email, SMS or other mobile and digitally communicable mediums.  It keeps a regular track of all your health related aspects

Commenting on the digitization of Medical files, Dr. Suhas Chief Operating Officer, Bonanza Healthcare says, “We believe information is power... Our tools provide an accessible, easy to use platform, which enables to create, track and take control of health information, we at Bonanza are passionate about motivating users to be actively involved in their health by making better choices and participating actively in their wellbeing”

DHR’s at Bonanza aims to empower patients to play more active roles in caring for their health by directly delivering information to the individuals. Patients not only can know specific details about their health parameters and illnesses but also can present medical records to other healthcare professionals when needed. Share reports Online with doctor, take the 2nd opinion from Worldwide Doctors or reduce the need for follow up appointments. Its time to switch to Smarter wellness manager with Bonanza Healthcare ‘Digital Health Vault’.

The DHR is also supported via the mobile application “Bonanza Health”, available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

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